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Join us in SHIRAH!

New Semester January 19 @ 7:30

Full Rehearsal Schedule

Sandy Piwoz

We mourn the passing on September 20, 2015 of 

 Sandy Piwoz

 May her memory be blessing. 

Well miss her beautiful voice and smiling face in the front row.

avinu stills 2

Avinu Shebashamayim, Tsur Yisrael v’go-alo!

Shirah 2 2015

June 2015 Concert with Guest Soloist Cantor Israel Singer


What a handsome crew! Kerhonksen July 21, 2014


Shirah June 9, 2013


24th  Annual North American Jewish Choral Festival, July 21-25, 2013

Save the date -- 25th Annual NAJCF, July 20-24, 2014!


Shirah at the 2012 NAJCF

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